Seems like everyone has an opinion about Sunday’s Super Bowl ― even Alexa, the human-like bot on the Amazon Echo device.

People who’ve asked the device who is going to win have been surprised by the rather heated response:

“The team favorite to win is the, cough, the, cough, excuse me, is the Patriots. That was tough to get out,” the device says. “But I’m flying with the Eagles on this one because of their relentless defense and the momentum they’ve been riding on their underdog status. E-A-G-L-E-S ― EAGLES!”

New Yorker Amber Jacquot discovered that Alexa is an Eagles fan Tuesday night, asking the bot numerous times before filming the video above.

HuffPost employees with the Amazon Echo confirm they’ve heard similar responses as well.

An Amazon rep told HuffPost that Alexa often roots for the underdog.

“She had a friendly rivalry with the Patriots last year, and that sentiment continues this year,” the spokesperson told HuffPost by email.

Meanwhile, other digital assistants aren’t nearly as passionate or anti-Pats.

The Google Assistant says, “I’m still deciding who to root for,” when pressed for an answer.

Apple’s Siri just goes with the current point spread: 

“Apparently the odds favorite the Patriots over the Eagles by 4 1/2 points,” it says. 

UPDATE: This story has been updated to include Amazon’s response.

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