Roger Federer had just won the Australian Open final against Marin Cilic when he headed for his media interviews.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion was greeted by SRF presenter Denise Langenegger.

The reporter hugged Federer before seemingly stroking his chest.

She then began the interview.

The embrace was not shown on SRF’s clip of the interview but after it was unearthed online in Switzerland, Langenegger was asked to explain what went on.

Speaking to Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger, Langenegger said: “The spectators in the arena and also the organisers, technicians and TV producers in the backstage area, where the interview took place, were full of joy and emotion.

”I was so happy for Roger Federer, that in this extraordinary moment I have reacted more as a person and less as a journalist.

“It was a live interview situation, in a place where it was loud and intense; I tried to focus on my interview. 

“It was an exceptional situation, thousands of people full of joy and emotions. I lost the journalistic distance for a moment. That was a mistake.

Asked how well she knows Federer, Langenegger said: “I have been reporting on tennis for almost 20 years. I know him through my journalistic work.”

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