Wright explained how he thinks that Arsene Wenger should not step away from the club because “the players are not responding to him”.

Arsenal fans have been calling for their manager to be axed for a number of years because of sub-standard league positions.

However, Murphy asked how Arsenal fans could help in outing Wenger and suggested boycotting home matches.

But that annoyed Wright who leaped to the defence of the supporters before host Gary Lineker had to intervene and change topic.

Murphy asked: “Is it getting to the point where fans are starting to vote with their feet though?” 

Which Wright replied: “I don’t think the fans will vote with their feet because they’re too loyal the Arsenal fans.

“They have put up with so much up to this point, what is the point now of voting with their feet?”

And Murphy responded with: “It was only a question.”

Gary Lineker then intervened.

”Okay fair enough, we’ll see what happens,” he said.

Tempers got heated because Arsenal are looking highly unlikely to finish in the Champions League places.

They currently sit sixth in the table, eight points behind Chelsea, in fourth.

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