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Mr Jones said he spoke to him and he said “he just likes to do nice things”

An ambulance worker said he was “blown away” when a stranger paid his petrol bill as a thank you to people who “do a fantastic job”.

Emergency medical technician Tony Jones, of Rochdale, said he was “humbled” by the random act of kindness on his way to a night shift on Sunday.

He tracked down his good Samaritan – Tony Coray – after an appeal on Facebook went viral.

Mr Coray, also from Rochdale, said the act was a “goodwill gesture”.

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Tony Coray

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Mr Coray said the act was a “goodwill gesture”

Mr Jones said he was “completely taken back” when he filled up his car at a petrol station in Halifax Road, Rochdale, and found the person in front of him had already paid for his fuel.

The North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) crew member said when he thanked Mr Coray, he replied that he “just liked to do nice things for people”.

Mr Jones, 43, said Mr Coray told him: “It’s the least I could do for people who do such an important job.”

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Mr Coray told the BBC: “People in the emergency services, teachers, carers, armed forces just don’t get the recognition they deserve and I was able to show this gentleman that he and his colleagues are appreciated a lot more than they think.”

Mr Jones said: “It was such a nice gesture and on behalf of me, the rest of North West Ambulance Service and all other ambulance services up and down the country, it’s our absolute pleasure.”

Neither Mr Jones or Mr Coray knew how much the fuel cost but the former said he only had “about an eighth of a tank left” when he filled it up.

NWAS said it was overwhelmed by this act of kindness.

“Our staff work day in day out to help others and never do it for any recognition but when they are appreciated by the public it really means a lot.”

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