• Diabetes type 2 symptoms include fatigue and frequent urination
  • Man “cured” his own condition by following a specific weight loss diet
  • Stopped taking all seven types of medication after four weeks
  • Lost more than six stone by following the diet plan

Type 2 diabetes is a life-long condition where the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, or the body doesn’t react to insulin.

Being overweight is a risk factor for developing the diabetes, according to the NHS.

But, Paul Donnelly, 46, claims to have cured his type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure after following one particular diet plan.

The LighterLife Total Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) helped him lose six stone and three pounds, after he was told he could die before turning 50.

“I have a slightly addictive nature, so certain foods became very addictive, especially junk food and sweet things like curries, pizzas, chocolate, crisps etc.,” said Donnelly.

“However, that didn’t affect the shock I felt when I discovered that not only did I have type 2 diabetes, but I was also suffering from chronic high blood pressure.

“I had ballooned to my heaviest weight – over 17 stone – and I was on seven different medications for my diabetes and blood pressure.

“My blood sugars were through the roof and not only were my limbs starting to show signs of a loss of feeling, my recent retinopathy test had shown that I was two stages away from blindness.

“My nurse had me in tears when she told me I was going to have to start injecting insulin, and the path I was going down meant I would probably die before I reached 50.”

Donnelly started the LighterLife diet to “literally save” his life, he said.

After two weeks, his blood sugars were under the accepted maximum. Within four weeks, he lost two stone, and was also able to stop taking all seven of his medications.

The type 2 diabetes patient went on to lose six stone, weighing in at 10 stone, 13 pounds, and completely reversed his condition, he said.

“I was told that type 2 diabetes was for life and that the damage to your pancreas was permanent and irreparable,” said Donnelly.

“I wholeheartedly challenge that view. I am living proof that you can reverse type 2 diabetes and the LighterLife VLCD plan played a massive part in it.”

The diet plan includes four foodpacks every day.

All food consumed totals less than 600kcal, while still combining at least 100 per cent of your daily nutrients, LighterLife said.

Seeing as the food is already available to eat, there’s no cooking or weighing out involved, which can be one reason to give up on your health kick.

The programme, which costs £60 for four weeks – not including £8 daily foodpacks – also includes group counselling sessions to help patients overcome their eating habits.

Diabetes symptoms also include unexplained weight loss or muscle bulk, according to the NHS.

You can lower your risk of the condition by giving up smoking, following a healthy, balanced diet and regularly exercising.

You should see a GP if you think you may have diabetes.

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