With the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, fast approaching, athletes from all over the world are preparing to display their prowess on the global stage.

But photographer Geert Weggen has captured some furry athletes in high jinks outside his snowy window in Sweden that appear to be excited about the Games as well. 

Along with his series of photos posted to Bored Panda, the professional nature photographer explained how he set up tiny props for some red squirrels and waited patiently to compose just the right shot.

“Every day I wait for them to capture them for my camera. I started with this series with the first snow in October. Sometimes I never get the shot I am looking for,” Weggen said. But, he added, it’s a relaxing exercise for him when he finally gets the shot. “It gives me satisfaction and happiness when I capture in the end the moment I am looking after. And these wild squirrels are always happy as long there is food to be found.”


Check out his photos of these nutty aspiring medalists. 

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