THE super blue blood moon eclipse wowed the UK when it appeared last night – but some eagle-eyed viewers spotted something bizarre on NASA’s live cam.

For the first time since 1866, a blue moon, super moon and blood moon coincided.

It sparked chilling warnings of devastating earthquakes and apocalyptic predictions.

But now alien enthusiasts have waded in after seeing something strange appear on NASA’s live feed of the event.

In footage taken from the famous Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, US, a white object flies past the surface moon.

At its tail, a light appears to flash.

The witness who spotted the moment said: “I just happened to notice an object travelling at a very high rate of speed going down the left side of the moon and downwards to the left until it was out of the frame.


MYSTERY: A flashing object appeared to hurtle past the supermoon

“Trailing behind the object was a pulsating/flashing light that seemed to flash at regular interval.”

Viewers were quick to comment their thoughts on what caused the moment.

“Wow, the object in question is travelling at an unprecedented speed,” one wrote.

“Very apocalyptic video indeed.”

Another offered a different explanation, saying: “It looks like a meteor that is breaking up in Earth’s atmosphere.”

And third suggested: “It looks like a plane.”

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