The road to hell may or may not be paved with good intentions, but a stretch of highway in Arizona is being maintained with the best of intentions by Satanists

The Satanic Temple of Arizona adopted a stretch of I-10 near Casa Grande, and sent volunteers armed with pitchforks to pick up trash on the highway to… well… actually it’s to Phoenix or Tucson, depending on which direction you’re driving.

America Curl, a member of group, told local Fox station KSAZ that she asked the state department of transportation if they could do the cleanup. 

I just want to clean up a highway. Please give me a highway to clean up, and they said fine,” Curl said.

After filling out a form and paying a fee ― then working like the devil to keep the road clean ― the group now has a sign: 

“People have this perception that one side does the good stuff and the other side does all the bad stuff,” Stu de Haan, one of the founding members of The Satanic Temple of Arizona, told local NBC station News 4 Tucson. 

He added:

“What we are really showing here is that Satanism is a legitimate religion, even though it’s non-theistic. We are showing the people do have a sense of community and they want to get involved.”

De Haan told the station his members don’t believe in the devil; they simply don’t believe in a god.

The group has posted pictures of their cleanup efforts on its website. 

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