A HISTORIAN claims to have solved the mystery of a bizarre Nazi Buddha statute said to have come from space.

The bizarre ornament, featuring a swastika on its chest, shocked the world after finding its way to Germany in 2012.

According to geologist Elmar Buchner, it was made from the extraterrestrial metals from a meteorite that struck Earth between Siberia and Mongolia.

One theory states the statute was stolen by the Nazis in 1938, who wanted to prove the Aryan race descended from Tibet.


NAZI SYMBOL: The bizarre artefact features a swastika on its chest

However, historian Irsun Engelhardt has carried out bombshell research into the bombshell artefact.

He argues that Russian artist Nicholas Roerich played a major role in the statue’s transportation.

Roerich commissioned the statue to represent himself as a king of central Asia.

Engelhardt believes the statute then ended up in Germany through a Russian dealer.

Daily Star Online previously uncovered bombshell claims that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler fled to South America following the fall of The Third Reich.

According to documents declassified by the FBI in 2014, Hitler may have survived the Soviet invasion of Berlin.

The evidence even suggests the Fuhrer faked his own death before fleeing the country.

One CIA informant even claimed to have spotted Hitler in Colombia in 1955.

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