Fiona, the “superstar” hippopotamus from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, has revealed her Super Bowl pick.

Though the big game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots goes down on Sunday, Fiona selected her winner on Thursday afternoon’s episode of “The Fiona Show” on Facebook Watch. Two boxes, each sporting one team’s logo, were placed in front of Fiona. Both boxes had some lettuce atop them.

“This is Fiona’s first sports prediction,” Christina Gorsuch, Cincinnati Zoo’s curator of mammals, said in a statement about the choice. “It will be interesting to see which box looks and smells the most tempting to Fiona. For her, the real choice is which of the boxes looks like the better toy and closest to something she would like to eat!”

Ultimately, Fiona chose the Philadelphia Eagles to take it all home. It’s especially apropos for Fiona to root for the underdog as she was one herself when she was born premature. At a mere 29 pounds at birth, Fiona was a miracle baby and has been thriving ever since. She celebrated her first birthday just last week.

We’ll just have to wait till Sunday.

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