A MONSTROUS centipede took just 30 seconds to murder a mouse before devouring it in a gruesome video.

The shocking clip shows a venomous golden-headed centipede attacking its far larger prey.

Despite weighing just 3g – compared to the mouse’s 45g – the critter manages to latch onto its back.

The centipede then digs its fearsome pincers into its victim’s skin before unleashing the venom.

It immediately kicks in, causing the rodent to spasm rapidly before lying completely motionless just 30 seconds later.

The footage was captured by researchers led by Kunming Institute of Zoology in China.


GRUESOME: A mouse was savaged by a murderous centipede in a shocking video

Their aim was to figure out what a toxin found in centipede venom was, that causes havoc to cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems of its prey.

Thankfully, the centipede’s bite is far less dangerous on humans.

Since 2006, there have only been three recorded cases of people who have died from the venom.

But they can still be hugely unpleasant.

In Hawaii, between 2007 and 2011, emergency hospital visits from centipede bites were as common as those from bee and wasp stings.

It comes after it was announced that the amount of Brits visiting hospital for deadly spider bites has doubled.

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