ALIENS are to thank for a nuclear war between US and Russia not breaking out, according to bizarre claims.

Conspiracy theorists have long believed the world’s governments are hiding knowledge of extraterrestrials.

This was boosted after it emerged the Pentagon had managed a secret multi-million dollar UFO programme for years.

But Steve Bassett – one of the most senior UFO campaigners int he US and founder of the Paradigm Research Group – has claimed both the US and Russia are actively engaging with martians.

He said there was a wealth of testimony from witnesses about UFOs seen hovering over nuclear facilities in both countries.

Speaking to Russian TV programme Most Shocking Hypotheses, he revealed this shows aliens are here to “tamper” with nuclear weapons.

“Number one [reason aliens are here] is nuclear weapons tampering.

“There is evidence all the way back to the sixties, but the media would not deal with it.


BIZARRE: An alien enthusiast has claimed martians have prevented WW3

“The ETs come down and hover a craft over a nuclear site and turn all the missiles off.

“When the officer tries to turn them back on again, they are unable to until the craft leaves.”

Mr Bassett, the only registered lobbyist in the US on the “alien disclosure” subject, then claimed there was revealed a specific event where this happened in Russia.

“It was not a case of turning the missiles off, but at the Russian nuclear facility, the launch sequence suddenly began and it shouldn’t have happened.

“The people that worked there didn’t initiate that.”

“Just as the people in the silo thought ‘this is over’, apparently there were sightings over the site.”

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