THIS is the shocking moment caught on camera, appearing to show a UFO heading towards the Earth at pace.

In the clip, you see a satellite orbiting our planet.

Then on the top left of the screen, a small, round figure can be seen heading downwards.

As it passes the satellite, it looks like it is pulsating and flashing.

A small trail also seems to be following the phenomenon.

It then blends into the background of our planet, before completely disappearing.


UFO? The object was heading towards Earth

The video also shows a second, zoomed-in version of the incident and it seems even more convincing.

This footage was recorded on Wednesday 23 near NASA’s International Space Station.

It was uploaded to YouTube channel Of Sound Mind And Body the next day and has already racked up over 11,000 hits.

It comes amid a rise in reports of extraterrestrial life.

Earlier today 7,000-year-old sculptures appearing to show aliens were discovered in an ancient cave.

And just yesterday it was reported that a secret US aircraft was searching for a 2,000ft alien base underwater.

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