In the video, you see a bloke who has set up a radio transmitter within range of the base in an attempt to capture any suspicious activity.

But to his surprise, he gets more than he bargained for.

Something huge passes over him and makes a deafening sonic boom sound.

“Holy s***, that scared the hell out of me,” the bloke says.

“God damn,” he adds, shaken by the noise.


BIZARRE: Strange sounds were recorded from the base

The bloke then looks around, confused as to what the source of the loud sound could have been.

But no aircraft is in sight.

He then rushes over to his radio transmitter to see if he can hear anything that may give some insight into the noise.

The signal then seems to scramble and a series of strange noises spurt through the speaker, before the video cuts.

The bizarre clip was recorded in May 2017, but only shared online yesterday.

Uploaded to YouTube channel Area51Rider, it has already racked up over 30,000 hits.

And viewers were shocked by the footage, sparking concerns if the US government could be hiding something.

One comment read: “You know it’s probably a really good idea for there to be at least one guy out there doing this.

“It’s the peoples job to keep an eye on the government they pay for.”

And another added: “Crazy how you hear the sonic boom but you cannot see where it came from.”

But some were concerned for the man’s safety.

A viewer stressed: “Be careful man. You are messing with people who can make you disappear.”

This is not the first video of its kind.

In December 2017, UFO seekers sparked claims the CIA was hiding alien life in Area 51 after a double sonic boom was caught on camera.

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