Long flights can be rough on the body, so it’s not uncommon to see people walking around the plane to stretch their legs. However one woman took it even farther by performing a yoga flow in the middle of the aisle.

Kate Kay, a yoga teacher who was traveling for training, was captured on a now viral video by another passenger, showing her performing leg stretches, camel pose and a forward fold.   


Dressed for the occasion in patterned yoga pants and wearing headphones, Kay seems unaffected by those around her as she goes through the moves.

Several commenters who spotted the video on Facebook and YouTube quickly denounced her actions, saying that they would not want to see this happening in a public space, reports The Sun.

“No. There should be rules against this stuff,” one person commented. “Nobody needs to see people flailing about on planes, this is not ur living room.”

“I’m torn, because on one hand this feels obnoxious and attention seeking, but on the other hand I totally get the need to stretch because flights are stupidly cramped,” added another.

Kay told Fox News her last intention was to offend anyone by her stretches, but after getting to the airport for an early morning flight with little sleep, stretching is what her body needed.

“We should all listen to our intuition and allow our health to take prescedence over our need for validation through others,” she said.

The majority of YouTube commenters, however, said they don’t see a problem with the woman’s actions, so long as she moved out of the way when necessary.

“I could understand frustration if she refuses to move for people, but I’m not seeing evidence of that,” one person wrote.

“There’s literally nothing wrong with this. Stretching on long flights is important and recommended by health professionals,” another commented.


Meanwhile, Kay’s actions — whether people approved or not — are more in accordance with what physicians recommend for flyers. Doctors actually suggest that passengers stand up and stretch muscles at least once an hour in order to lower the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can occur when stagnant blood pools in your legs and can potentially cause a blood clot, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Kay told Fox News she would be flying again on Wednesday and if she needs to, she’ll be doing more stretches in the aisle. 

Michelle Gant is a writer and editor for Fox News Lifestyle.

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