Ronnie O’Sullivan insisted he has had to overcome the ‘yips’ in recent years as he spoke about his victory over Ryan Day.

“Early days for me, trying this new way of playing, different style of cueing, just to get away from the yips as I call it, the easiest way of explaining it,” the Rocket told the BBC. “It’s been hard work for two years and I decided I couldn’t continue playing like that so I had to make some changes so it’s the body and mind trying to catch up with each other. I’ve got some of it right, it’s just the other pieces need to fall in [to place] – I’m trying to work out the puzzle.

“It feels like I want to play, I want to get my cue out of the case. I’m not scared of the table, I’m not scared of the balls. I’m scared of some other things but that not, which is the most important thing. When you’re confident in your ability to do something given the chance, you feel all right.”


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