New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady couldn’t escape the internet’s fury this week after a Facebook video showed him in what some described as an “uncomfortably long kiss” on the mouth with his young son.

The moment was seen in Tuesday’s episode of “Time vs. Tom,” an internet series based on aspects of Brady’s life, Us Weekly reported. Brady’s 10-year-old son Jack, whose mother is reportedly Brady’s ex, Bridget Moynahan, appears in the video to ask his dad if he can check on his fantasy football team.

After Brady asks what he gets in return for the favor, the boy walks in and gives his father a quick kiss on the mouth.

“That was like a peck,” Brady said afterwards, prompting Jack to return. The boy then give his father a much longer kiss, which struck some people on the internet as strange.


“Wait why does Tom Brady kiss his son on the lips like that?” one person on Twitter said.

Another added: “Can we talk about Tom Brady’s uncomfortably long kiss with his son or is now not a good time?”

One user also called the kiss “very very disturbing.”

“Tom Brady is one of my five favorite people (including family members), but him making his son come back and kiss him on the lips for a longer time because his first lip kiss wasn’t long enough is some very very disturbing #content,” the person tweeted.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady throws during a practice on Wednesday in Minneapolis. The Patriots are scheduled to face the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL Super Bowl 52 football game Sunday.

 (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Some other people, however, came to the famed quarterback’s defense, with one chalking up the kiss as “European.”


“Hold up! Good lord people, pull yourselves together!” the user tweeted. “Tom Brady’s son kissed his father, clearly an affectionate family. So European! Of course, people complaining because I guarantee you their family barely talks to one another.”

And another person called the interaction “a normal thing” and chided Brady’s criticizers, telling them not to “knock a loving dad.”

“why are people upset about tom brady kissing his son? that’s a normal thing parents do,” the user said. “his son is still very young and i’m sure it’ll stop at an appropriate age. god people are so ridiculous – this is coming from someone who HATES tom brady. but for real don’t knock a loving dad.”

Brady is set to lead the New England Patriots against the Philadelphia Eagles during Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis on Sunday.

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