Manolas has emerged as a dramatic late .

The Daily Star claim the move is a possibility but Arsenal must act fast.

And that has lit the touch paper on Twitter, with fans desperately hoping claims a jet has flown in from Italy carrying Manolas are true.

One fan tweeted: “Private jet spotted going from Rome to Luton, maybe a coincidence however there’s a chance Manolas has flown over. Our medical facility is open now apparently which indicates a medical”

Another said: “Private jet has recently landed in Luton from Rome, could be anyone but if it’s Manolas I’m gonna lose my mind”

A third wrote: “Any chance that Manolas is happening? Reports of private jet arriving from Rome at 9:30”

Another user gave some hope to the proceedings, saying: “Whispers that the private jet from Rome has flown Manolas to London to complete a move. Nothing confirmed and no solid evidence that it is true, it’s all speculation. If true, Arsenal can request a 2 hour extension to the deadline (11:00pm) in order to get it completed.”

One fan went a bit over the top, writing: “I mean I’d love this Manolas story to be true but I mean it’s a jet flying to Luton. It’s not Manolas. It’s Messi.”

Some fans were more conservative in their excitement.

One wrote: “Literally nothing but the fact a private jet has landed at Luton airport from Rome at around 9 so could be Manolas or just a massive coincidence”

Another said: “In short a private jet tracked from Rome to Luton which could be a coincidence, however there’s a high chance it may be Manolas”

And Twitter account Transfer Checker killed off any hope the jet was carrying the Greece international.

“To answer a few recent tweets: Arsenal are not signing Kostas Manolas. We said this days ago,” they tweeted.

“Any rumours of a private jet bringing him to London are false. #AFC”

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