Following the success of the NES, everyone knew that the SNES Classic was going to do good business.

And now it’s been revealed just how well those Super Nintendo Mini sales have been doing.

A company earnings report today revealed that the Japanese games giant have already sold over 4 million, worldwide.

That’s nearly double the amount the NES managed before it was discontinued, although there was also probably a lot less stock.

The news today just confirms how popular Nintendo’s original plan has proven, with fans hoping for more mini consoles to arrive in the future.

However, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima also confirmed the what the purpose has been behind the NES and SNES.

According to Kimishima, these mini consoles have been a way for the company to engage with lapped gamers, from a generation who remembers the originals.

“We view them as an opportunity to garner interest in Nintendo Switch from those who have not interacted with video games in a long time, or ever,” he said.

Now whether this means that Nintendo don’t see much point in a new Game Bay Mini, or N64 Classic is hard to say.

The generations who played those devices are younger and probably more active in buying Nintendo Switchs.

On the other hand, either of these devices would also likely sell very well, much like the SNES.

There was no mention of a new Mini project currently underway at Nintendo, although we know that the NES will be coming back soon.

The company have already confirmed their plans to start production of the Nintendo Classic later this year, which will likely help boost its sales numbers as well.

Nintendo bigwig Satoshi Yamato was recently asked about the Big N’s plans for the Virtual Console.

And he gave a very telling response. 

According to, he was asked: “Several Game Boy Advance titles have been released on Virtual Console for Nintendo 3DS already, but have you thought about making them available through retail?” 

Yamato-san said: “We have been thinking about a lot of different ways to make use of Virtual Console titles, and not just Game Boy Advance titles.

“Similar to these software titles we have made available on a variety of platforms over the Internet, we consider the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom [SNES Classic Mini]…to be a type of Virtual Console.

“It would be possible to sell these titles as packaged software or via download cards, but if we were to start selling products like this in the future, I think we would first have to consider whether we can establish that kind of business model, and do our due diligence in finding out if there is sufficient demand for it.”

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