Stormy Daniels implied on Tuesday night that a letter denying an alleged affair with President Donald Trump didn’t come from her. 

“Did you sign this letter that was released today?” Jimmy Kimmel asked the porn star after noting that the signature on the statement didn’t match her previous signatures. 

“I don’t know, did I?” she replied. “But that does not look like my signature, does it?”

Here’s the letter:

“So you’re saying perhaps this letter was written and released without your approval?” Kimmel asked.

“Hmm,” Daniels replied.

“Do you know where it came from?” he asked. “Do you have any idea?”

“I do not,” she said. “It came from the Internet. I also worked for the FBI and I’m a man, according to the Internet.”

After the interview, an attorney for Daniels confirmed to The Guardian that she had signed the statement and was essentially just messing with Kimmel: 

Daniels didn’t offer direct answers to most of Kimmel’s questions about Trump, with whom the Wall Street Journal claimed she had an affair in 2006. Just before the 2016 election, the Trump camp reportedly paid Daniels $130,000 to sign a nondisclosure agreement and keep her silent on the matter. 

Kimmel tried to use the existence ― or nonexistence ― of such an agreement to get a straight answer out of Daniels. 

“Do you have a nondisclosure agreement?” he asked. 

“Do I?” she replied.

“You can’t say whether you have a non-disclosure agreement,” he said. “But if you didn’t have a non-disclosure agreement, you most certainly could say, ‘I don’t have a non-disclosure agreement.’ Yes?”

“You’re so smart, Jimmy.”

Representatives for Trump have denied the affair as did Daniels in a statement released earlier this month. However, InTouch magazine printed an unpublished interview conducted in 2011, before the nondisclosure agreement, in which she spoke in great detail about the alleged affair.  

See the full interview with Kimmel above.

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