Solo: A Star Wars Story is now believed to be showcasing a quick teaser during the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

The full trailer, which will presumably be a couple of minutes long, will then air on Good Morning America on Monday morning – this, at least, according to a ticketing website seeking audience members.

This does sound highly credible, given that Disney also chose GMA to debut the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War late last year.

Star Wars has also been great for the show, with multiple stars from The Last Jedi being interviewed in the run-up to its release in December.

The Twitter account @StarWarsExplain uncovered this latest leak, via @TheYunners.

They posted: “#StarWars Solo trailer coming Monday? Or will they tease it during the superbowl?(Thanks @TheYunners for the heads up!) @GMA.”

Earlier today The Hollywood Reporter claimed to have heard from “industry insiders” that Disney had booked a TV spot for Solo to air during the Super Bowl.

This was previously thought to be untrue, given that the company have only (allegedly) booked two slots; one for Black Panther and one for either Avengers: Infinity War or A Wrinkle In Time.

Whatever the case, time is of the essence here: as has been repeatedly pointed out, Solo is out very soon indeed; on May 25.

It’s already had a lot of production trouble, thanks to directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller getting the axe mid-way through filming.

So are things finally about to step up a gear?

Solo: A Star Wars Story is out on May 25.

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