SJP is the woman who helped bring the iconic show to the small screen and then transferred it into cinemas for two blockbusters.

Surely, she must know what is going on with Sex and the City 3?

Ever since Cattrall dramatically decalred that she no longer wanted to play her iconic man-eating character, fans have languished in limbo.

The latest rumours swirling in Hollywood suggest that Sharon Stone could step into the outrageous role. 

During an interview last night on US chat show Watch what Happens Live, host Andy Cohen cut to the chase about the casting rumours.

Sarah Jessica Parker and her two other SATC co-stars, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, have openly revealed they are open to making another movie, but Cattrall’s absence was feared to have doomed the project.

Could Sharon Stone be the ideal solution?

SJP replied: “You are not the first person that’s said it… I think it’s a really interesting idea, yeah.”

Cohen also asked about the possibility of killing off Samantha.

SJP added:”I think once everybody has thoroughly experienced the grieving process, then (producer) Michael Patrick can go back and sort of ponder what he might want to do and how he might want to proceed. That’s the most clear answer I’ve given yet.”

Cohen also wanted to know how his guest felt about the way Cattrall shocked fans recently when she publically said that she had never regarded herself and SJP as being friends.

The actress replied: “Heartbroken. I found it really upsetting. That’s not the way I recall our experience.

“It’s sad. It was a professional experience but it became personal because it was years and years of our lives.

“I’m hoping that eclipses anything that was recently said.”

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