It’s not just androids who will be dreaming of electric sheep.

The legendary Secret Cinema team are taking on one of the most iconic movies of all time. Ridley Scott’s 1982 masterpiece will be brought to thrilling life (artificial or otherwise) at a secret location (hence the title) in London from this March.

After previously tackling Dirty Dancing, Moulin Rouge and Star Wars, fans know they are in for a treat.

As well as the stunning sets and imagery Secret Cinema is renowned for recreating, the costume ideas are endless, whether you fancy going as dour Deckard, glamorous Rachael or Darryl Hannah’s Prise Stratton.

The screenings will kick off on March 21, but fans will have the fingers poised for tomorrow, February 1 when tickets go on sale at 12 noon.

As always, there are various types of tickets, with different options of Orion, Phoenix and Black Galaxy packages.

Naturally, we’re tempted by the one that includes the two free cocktails but Secret Cinema have an important message for any groups of friends planning to attend together.

Secret Cinema said: “The three ticket types have different travel paths that do not always cross. If you travel in company, book the same ticket type to make the journey together.”

This is exciting news, since it implies there will be a major set constructed.

Previous events Moulin Rouge and Dirty Dancing saw one main event arena with everyone mingling.

It sounds like the Blade Runner event will take fans on a twisting turning journey through the dystopian dreamscape of Scott and author Philip K Dick’s devastated 2019 Los Angeles. 


Orion (Regular) from £45: Passage to a Secret World, The chance to begin again, Eligible for a new identity, District access, Hyperreal memories

Phoenix (Advanced) from £59: As above plus Enhanced district access

Black Galaxy (VIP) from £115: As above plus Full district access, Dedicated host, Bespoke botanical cocktail x2 and Secret meal

Secret Cinema Blade Runner tickets go on sale February 1 at 12 noon: For more info go to

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