Actresses Rose McGowan and Asia Argento, who have both accused film executive Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct, are candidly sharing their experiences with the man McGowan refers to as “the monster.”

On Wednesday, Argento posted a short clip to Twitter from McGowan’s new E! show, “Citizen Rose,” in which the two women compare their stories of assault.

In the clip, McGowan tells Argento that she can recall all the details from her alleged assault by “the monster,” a term McGowan uses in lieu of Weinstein’s name.

Argento, however, says she only remembers the first time it happened, saying she blacked out for most of her second encounter with Weinstein.

“I remember arriving and leaving,” she admits, then goes on to describe feeling “like an animal” when one of Weinstein’s female assistants saw her immediately after the second encounter.

“And she saw me. And she wrote me an email and she said, ‘I’m sorry I remember’ … and I never replied,” Argento told McGowan.

Argento’s story may be fragmented, but she clearly articulates how the trauma affected her.

“I wish I was softer. It made me hard. … It made me worse as a person,” Argento laments.

The Italian filmmaker also touches on how she was “perfect prey” for Weinstein’s behavior due to an undisclosed but painful past.

“I was already hurt,” Argento tells McGowan. “They recognize those that were hurt and that’s how they managed to come in, like a small crack that they recognize. … We had something, a wound that they could recognize … like evil spirits.”

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