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The 2024 Tribeca Festival is switching it up this year and will be hosting a celebration of Fest co-founder Robert De Niro.

The off-shoot, appropriately titled De Niro Con promises to be a fitting tribute to the Oscar winner. 

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 80 years of Robert De Niro, my dear friend and co-conspirator for the past 35 years, than by throwing a big bash for his fellow New Yorkers,” Tribeca co-founder and CEO Jane Rosenthal said in a statement.

Robert De Niro attends the Tribeca Festival opening night premiere of “Kiss the Future” in NYC in 2023. Andy Kropa/Invision/AP

The extravaganza, which takes place from June 14-16, is a De Niro delight.

And many famous co-stars and directors will be joining in.

Film screenings include “A Bronx Tale” with an introduction by co-star Chazz Palminteri.

“Jackie Brown” will be followed by a conversation between Quentin Tarantino and De Niro.

Billy Crystal will be chatting with De Niro after a screening of “Analyze This.”

“Silver Linings Playbook” will include a convo with director David O. Russell, along with an introduction by Kathrine Narducci. 

De Niro Con will be taking place at the Tribeca Film Festival in June 2024. Getty Images for Tribeca Festival
There will also be screenings of “The Godfather Part II,” “The Deer Hunter,” “Raging Bull” and “Taxi Driver.”

Screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi will discuss “Good Fellas” with the actor after a screening. 

There will also be screenings of “The Godfather Part II,” “The Deer Hunter,” “Raging Bull” and “Taxi Driver.”

Perhaps the hottest ticket will be a screening of “Mean Streets,” which coincides with the film’s 50th anniversary. After the screening at the Beacon Theater, director Martin Scorsese and De Niro will be interviewed by Nas.

The actor attends “A Bronx Tale” screening during the 2023 Tribeca Festival. Getty Images for Tribeca Festival

De Niro Con also promises some one-of-a-kind fan experiences, “including Max Cady’s prison tattoo parlor from Cape Fear (where fans can get real or temporary tattoos), Travis Bickle’s bedroom from Taxi Driver, and Jack Byrnes’ infamous polygraph test from ‘Meet The Parents.’” 

There’s even going to be a Trivia Night and Hero Sandwich Competition.

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By Nicki Gostin

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