The magnificent Red Rising trilogy took the Young Adult fiction world by storm and concluded two years ago with the explosive Morningstar.

Since then there have been rumours of a major film deal and then eager anticipation for a new trilogy, which kicked off earlier this month with Iron Gold.

I confess to having been fan since the original Red Rising was published back in 2014 but even I have been stunned by the global impact of the novels which now have dedicated fan sites across the globe.

Brown’s fans call themselves Howlers after the rag-tag misfit bunch of heroes in the novels. The fandom has spanned a festival, Howlerfest, and now conclude every appearance by their beloved author (aka Howler One) with a rousing wolf chorus.


Iron Gold shot to Number 3 on the New York Times Bestseller lists on release and Brown has already completed a triumphant tour of the US.

The rock star author is currently in the UK and I caught up with him at a jam-packed evening at Foyler bookshop in London.

The books are an exhilarating fusion of The Hunger Games, Blade Runner and Dune. Amid a pulse-pounding narritive, they fearlessly tackle major issues like the fragility of democracy and the fallibility of human nature to betray its ideals even when freedom is attained.

During the interview Pierce reveals that the unexpectedly imminent release date of Book 5, Iron Age, may wobble a little if he doesn’t knuckle down to his task. Considering the immense demands on his time from public appearances and the hugely ineteractive relationship he has with his fans, the Howlers may have to accept some small delays, it seems.

Added to that is the daunting task of putting together a major TV series. After the film deal with Universal stalled, Brown reveals he is relieved to regain the rights to his works, unhappy at the huge cuts that converting a major novel into a single movie would involve.

Instead, he teases that news will soon break about a deal with a major TV channel and the big Hollywood director who is attached to direct every episode, although sadly it seems that early dreams that Eddie Redmayne or Idris Elba might be involved have faded. 

Brown also speaks passionately about the need for an educated and involved populace to sustain and revive the democractic system every generation. 

He warns that Howlers need to brace themselves for an even darker turn in Iron Gold. He refuses to be drawn over the apparent death of a major character in Iron Gold, even if his body language perhaps says otherwise.

Brown talks about the introduction of three new POV’s but refuses to be drawn on whether fan favourites like Mustang, Sevro or Viktra might have their own chapter in future books.

We discuss increasing LGBGTQXI inclusion in his creation and the importance of fan input, although he asserts that ultimately he must remain the master of his creation.

The Howlers wouldn’t have it any other way.

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