PUBG developer Bluehole is making a big effort to solve one of the game’s biggest problems.

The Battlegrounds developer has set up a dedicated team to tackle the problem of in game cheating.

The good news is that the PUBG studio has developed a new internal anti-cheat system that will be released in full next week.

“This solution will complement the systems that have been developed and implemented already,” reads a Bluehole blog post. “Its main focus for now is blocking unauthorised programs but it will be further developed to broaden the scope of its abilities.”

The feature will also block certain programs that alter visuals or change gameplay in some way

“What these programs have in common is that they all hook into our game and transform game files,” the post continues. “Programs that are not used to gain an unfair advantage can also be blocked if they behave like cheats. 

Bluehole warns that some software will be blocked temporarily while the anti-cheat measures are introduced.

But it’s not all good news for PC users, as Bluehole announces plans to deactivate family sharing on Steam.

“We have an announcement for those of you using family sharing on Steam,” the post continues.

“We had allowed this feature so that the account holders who own PUBG can use their character with other Steam accounts if they wanted to.

“However, we have decided to deactivate this feature because we have identified a number of vulnerabilities that are being exploited. Please understand that we are introducing this measure to fight abuse and ensure a fair environment.”

Bluehole is also planning on making .

In a bid to increase engagement, the update adds more buildings and cover, as well as new off-road routes.

Fans will also be able to find more loot dotted around the map, which should balance things up.

The Battlegrounds patch makes a host of bug fixes, and introduces a new replay system.

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