The 2018 winter games haven’t even started, but they’re already better than ever.

“Saturday Night Live” star and superfan Leslie Jones is heading to Pyeongchang, South Korea, with NBC to help cover the XXIII Olympic Winter Games.

Jones rose to Olympics superfan domination during the 2016 summer games, when audiences grew more obsessed with watching her watch the competitions than with tuning in for the actual Olympics. 

Jones live-tweeted days of coverage from her home before NBC booked her a ticket to join the network’s official coverage in Rio de Janeiro, which cemented her place in viewers’ hearts. And, with the 2018 winter games about a week away, the network announced on Tuesday that the comedian will join NBC’s official coverage again this year.

Jones will attend live Olympic events and meet athletes once the games begin in Pyeongchang. The games kick off on Feb. 9, with NBC’s coverage beginning Feb. 8.

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