fans are not happy with the new Gen 3 trailer.

The latest Pokemon Go Gen 3 trailer takes its cue from nature documentaries like Planet Earth.

Narrated by Stephen Fry, the Pokemon Go trailer showcases Pokemon in their real-world habitats.

“The video features some of the newest creatures debuting in Pokemon Go, that include cute cheerleader pair Plusle and Minun in a forest along with Mawile and the Bug and Flying-type Pokemon Masquerain,” reads a Pokemon Company statement.

“In the oceans, a huge underwater Wailord makes a big splash, as well as a school of Luvdisc – a heart-shaped and water-dwelling Pokemon – under the shadow of a looming threat as they are passed by a Sharpedo.

“There are also appearances from the amphibious Mudkip playing in a pool, cold-loving Snorunt on a high mountain and a cityscape with the elegant Pokemon Delcatty.”

But the trailer hasn’t gone down well with everybody, especially Nintendo Switch fans waiting for news about the Pokemon RPG.

One fan writes: “Like everybody else, I saw the title and thought this was for the Switch game or something. Really wish they put Pokémon GO in the front of the title.”

Another post reads: “Nintendo……..My legs were shaking….I was freaked out…..I thought there was a new Pokémon game…..Why does this happen to me???”

“Y’all had me all excited, thinking we were getting a Switch game, only to throw Pokemon Go at me? How dare,” reads a third comment. 

“Man don’t excite me I thought it was Pokémon switch. I was gonna have a heart attack,” one user shared.

Not everybody was disappointed, however, with one fan writing: “This commercial is majestic!”

Another user writes: “I kinda wish this was real. How cool would it be to actually go out and catch Pokemon for your own sweet adventure?”

The release date for the Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG was recently narrowed down by Nintendo.

According to Nintendo’s latest financial report, the Pokemon RPG could launch in 2018.

The news comes as Niantic announces the .

Niantic has confirmed that the next Community Day will take place on February 24 from 10am UK time until 1pm GMT.

The three hour event will focus on Dratini, although its unclear what its exclusive move will be. Players will earn three times the amount of Stardust for the duration of the event, while Lures will last for all 3 hours.

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