Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, has experienced another setback in her brain cancer journey.

The 19-year-old model revealed Friday that her second round of chemotherapy has been delayed by a month due to an unexpected third craniotomy.

“It’s not as bad as the first time but I’m really in pain. They do give me pain medicine … they don’t work that well on me. So I’m in a lot of pain,” Isabella said in the latest installment on her YouTube vlog about the procedure that she received after developing a fever.

Isabella sobbed in her most recent YouTube vlog. Isabella Strahan/YouTube
Michael Strahan, 52, and his daughter Isabella, 19. Michael Strahan/Instagram

Bursting into tears, she continued, “My head really, really hurts right now. Not gonna lie, I’ve been crying a lot. I’m in a lot of pain. It’s not as bad as last time … my face isn’t as puffy, but it literally hurts to do anything.”

The University of Southern California student previously revealed she needed to be hospitalized every time she has a fever due to her malignant brain tumor. Isabella and Michael revealed her diagnosis to the world on “Good Morning America” in January.

Isabella explained Friday that her recent hospital visit began with an IV full of antibiotics before an MRI showed she needed a “little procedure” in which doctors stuck a needle into three different spots on her head to drain excess fluid while she was awake.

Isabella has a twin sister, Sophia. Isabella Strahan/YouTube

“There’s ups and downs to this because I was eating so much a week ago and now I can’t eat anything,” she said about her mental health.

“I’m in a down right now.”

Isabella said she spent a week in the hospital after her procedure — but was readmiited after experiencing shortness of breath.

“I was out that night, don’t worry,” she said, adding that she’s become “self-conscious” about losing her eyebrows and eyelashes.

The model’s chemo has been pushed back a month due to her third brain surgery. Isabella Strahan/YouTube

Isabella received her first round of chemo last month. After spending “three or four days” in the hospital, she had to return 12 hours after being discharged because of a fever.

She claimed in a YouTube vlog that she could “barely walk” at the time.

Isabella celebrated her last radiation treatment in January.

By Erin Keller

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