Fans shoudl be used to terrible, devstating scenes by now.

George RR Martin’s books and the HBO television adaptation do not ever shy away from death and destruction.

Readers are desperately hoping that Book Six, Winds of Winter, will finally blow into bookshops some time later this year, long after many of teh events ahve already been reevaled on television.

Although the TV series has started to outstrip and deviate from the source material, the main key moments are expected to remain constant between page and screen.

An eagle-eyed fan recently posted a shocking video online which packs a massive spoiler-filled punch.

The footage shows the main sets for Winterfell in Northern Ireland.

Massive flames seems to be consuming the entire castle and it doesn’t look like there is any way the Stark home can possibly survive the conflagration.

Even more thrillingly, this looks like the kind of damage that only a dragon (ice or otherwise) could inflict.

Now that Viserion has been turned by the Night King his flames are blue, but this is someting that could be changed in post-production.

However, it is equally possible that it is one of Danaery’s remaining living dragons, Droghon or Rhaegal. Is she doin tis with Jon Snow, or have tehy somehow becoem enemies?

The possibilities are tantalising and this looks almost certainto beteh kind of major plot sequence that will also appear in the novels.

Winds of Winter is expected to be released in 2018.

Game of Thrones will return to HBO and Sky Atlantic in 2019.

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