This sleazy, sluggish British thriller is clumsily handled and wastes a number of talented actors.

Especially Byrne who plays Donald, a chauffeur to elderly businessman Demi (Harvey Keitel).

When Demi dies, the eternally discreet Donald is left to clear up the mess and remove any trace of the boss’s mistress Amber (Sibylla Deen).

She too has been leading a double life that puts her on a collision course with her strict Muslim family.

The bond that develops between dour Donald and Amber has echoes of Mona Lisa but the credibility of Donald’s subsequent journey into the heart of Bradford’s vicious criminal underworld is constantly undermined by awkward dialogue and amateurish performances.

Jan Uddin’s exuberant, hammy, scenery-chewing turn as gangster KD is a particular ordeal.

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