Surely the Irish hunk should be used to the explicit scenes he has to film by now?

Even though Fifty Shades Freed apparently features even more sex scenes than ever, Dornan has confessed what embarrassed him the most. 

The film hits cinemas later this month, romantically (?) in time for Valentine’s Day.

Dornan has been busy giving interviews about the tiny “wee pouch” he wore for the naked scenes but just revealed that he couldn’t even watch certain parts of the movie at a very strange and awkward recent screening.

Dornan appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show earlier this week.

He said: “So, I went to see it at Universal, at their offices in London. And you go into like a wee (small) theatre, like a cinema, but they won’t let you watch it alone in case you film it or whatever. So, I watched it with a security guard, this really big guy, just the two of us.

“I had gone for a few pints before to get myself in the mood but I drank quite a lot of beer and I just needed the toilet the entire time, so I missed half the movie just peeing,” the 35-year-old said. “And by the end, I was literally watching it (hunched over with his arms across his face). I can’t bear it!” 

“I got up at the end and (the security guard) was like, ‘That was great man,’ and giving me a high five. I was like, ‘You just watched me simulate sex for two hours.’ It was very strange.”

Dornan also revealed the horror of having to wear a “used” modesty pouch , although he was swift to declare that he needed a large one…

He added: “I wear like a wee-bag. That’s an expression that I say from where I am from, a wee-bag, but it doesn’t mean it’s actually wee size. I wear like quite a big bag. I wear this huge, like travel sized, sort of stuff everything in there. Like a potato sack, yeah.”


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