A duet between Dolly Parton and Adele must surely be in the cards now?

The British singer sent people on social media into a mini-meltdown on Tuesday when she shared a snap of herself dressed as the country music star.

On Wednesday morning, Parton returned the favor by tweeting a tribute video to Adele in which she promised to “dress like you next time.” 

Parton said she was “knocked out,” “honored” and “flattered” by Adele’s dress-up picture, below:

Parton said she initially thought it “was a picture of me back in the day.” She added that she was surprised Adele would “even know me that well, or like my music.”

She also thanked the English singer for “making me look good.”

Parton’s response was well-received on Twitter, where fans mainly had one thing on their minds:

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