The latest Yeezy advertising campaign features nearly a dozen Kim Kardashian look-alikes running errands in the brand’s fashions, and American DJ Diplo decided to join in on the fun.

The results? Incredible.

DJ and producer Diplo rocked a platinum blonde wig, a coffee cup, and a brooding, devil-may-care expression for his own iteration of a Yeezy advertisement on Thursday:

Diplo’s hilarity was inspired by advertising for Kanye West’s latest collection, Yeezy Season 6, revealed on social media on Tuesday. It features Instagram models, friends of the family, and even Paris Hilton in monochromatic looks recreated from paparazzi photos of West’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

Here’s Kardashian in a paparazzi photo: 

And here’s a Yeezy advertising photo:

Fans of Kardashian and Diplo responded well to the DJ’s photos. But did Kardashian give it her seal of approval?

We’d say this is a “yes”:

BRB, we have to go buy a blonde wig and some coffee …

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