The upcoming movie will be the last solo film before Avengers Infinity War is released in April.

But how much of a prelude is Black Panther for it? After all Captain America: Civil War set this film up.

Now producer Nate Moore has hinted at links to other MCU movies and teased “ripples” into Avengers Infinity War.

Speaking with on a set visit, he said: “I think it’s inherently linked because of the Civil War connections and because of the Ultron connections with Klaue.”

Moore continued: “So there are strings that we are playing with. But again, much like Doctor Strange, we felt this had enough storytelling that it could stand alone beyond those things. 

“We wanted to give Ryan [Coogler, director] the freedom to tell a story  that wasn’t relying on other things that were happening in the MCU. 

“Now that doesn’t mean what happens in the film won’t have ripples in the MCU but the film itself isn’t relying on other plot points in the MCU.”

He said: “This is going to sound crazy, but we’ve always thought of Black Panther as a James Bond kind of movie, right? Sort of this big globetrotting epic.

“But in talking with Ryan Coogler, the director, one of the ideas he also liked was this sort of Godfather-kind of story.”

Black Panther will be released in UK cinemas on February 13, 2017.

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