A major US announcement has revealed that the latest Marvel movie is outstripping every single previous superhero outing from both the major studios.

Captain America currently holds the record for highest MCU pre-sales.

Batman V Superman holds the record for highest DC and overall pre-sales.

The new king of Wakanda and his feline friends are sitting kitty pretty at the top of the litter.

Fandango is a major US ticket-seller for cinemas (or ‘movie theaters’) across the country.

Erik Davis just tweeted: “BREAKING: Black Panther is making history at Fandango and is now outpacing ALL superhero movies in advance ticket sales, eclipsing 2016’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN.”

This is huge news for a movie that was originally viewed as a risk for the superhero studio.

After the first official trailer debuted, anticipation has rocketed. 

Set in a fictional African nation, this is the first-ever major studio blockbuster featuring a predominantly black cast.

Back by famous names, social media campaigns have sprung up across the US funding screenings for disadvantaged black youths. 

As well as being the latest MCU blockbuster, the movie is increasingly being viewed as an important moment for change in the American social, entertainment and political landcsape. 

The fact that excited fans from every background and ethnicity are voting with their pre-orders signals a major shift in popular entertainment.

Whether this means Black Panther will go on to become the biggest comicbook movie of all time remains to be seen.

Captain America was the biggest MCU pre-seller but is only fourth in the final box office tally, after the two Avengers movies and Iron Man 3.

Batman V Superman generated recordbreaking pre-sales but slumped swiftly at cinemas after devastating early reviews. 

Black Panther is out in the UK on February 12

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